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Residents Evacuated

At approximately 5:45PM Franklinville Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a flooding condition at the mobile home park located off Edwards Farm Rd. Chief 8 assumed command and requested Engine 8 block the roadway and begin evacuating residents away from the flood waters. Rescue 8 personnel staged at Edwards Farm Rd. and prepared for possible water rescue. Due to electrocution hazards, the power company was immediately requested to disconnect the primary power lines leading into the park. Upon investigation it was found that the culvert had become completely blocked with debris, resulting in water levels rising 10-15ft above normal. DOT was notified and upon arrival immediately began removing the debris allowing water to properly drain. Citizens were able to return to their homes shortly after 8:00PM. All personnel cleared the scene shortly before 9:00PM.

FlooWe would like to extend a special thank you to our friends at the Ramseur Fire Department for assisting us with traffic control.

Units on Scene: Chief 8 Engine 8 Rescue 8 Car 8 Chief 4 Engine 43

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